Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dedicated to Boy #1

You know how kids are, demanding attention and all. The boys are becoming regular readers of my blogs. Boy #1 pointed out to me that there aren't many posts featuring him. I can write about the loads of laundry he brings me every Sunday or about the time he found out his younger brother was named after a famous baseball player and got mad because he wasn't. Talk to your father kid, the husband picked the boy names. This is what I decided to post about today and will make a concentrated effort to include him in more posts.
My baby Boy #1 is getting married in August. Times like these having you looking back on their childhood. I remember getting him ready for his first days in Kindergarten. We had a list of supplies needed. I remember discussing his crayons, pencils, erasers and I said, "Oh we need to get a pair of shoes for Gym."
To which that sweet little face looked up to me and asked, "Why do we need to get shoes for him?"

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