Thursday, February 14, 2008

Where is My Nyquil?

Since poking my head out into the outside world last week for my new job, I've managed to contract either the bubonic plague or a head cold, not sure which. I knew once I started to mingle with the public, germs would find me, along with Jesus lectures, hugs from strangers and extensive weather conversations. Let's face it, I'm just not a people person.
I have a long weekend to recover and plan on taking plenty of Nyquil by the time I have to go back to the new job. My goal is to be able to breath out of both nasal passages at the same time. As it stands now there is no air go in or out of either, that has to be serious.
While at work last night, the dog hid one of my slippers. Today I walk through the house with one warm foot and one cold foot, I'm not sure if this situation will hinder my recover, one can only hope the slipper will show up soon.


Katy said...

Aww hope you feel better! Try to get some good rest during your long weekend, I wish I could use a cold as an excuse to avoid the family that is coming from California. LOL

Ann said...

I lost one of my slippers the other day- then I sat on my floor and frowned. I wish I could buy a pair of slippers for each day of the month, or I'm going to get frown lines.

I hope you find your slipper and feel better soon~ :))


Sue said...

Thank you ladies! Breathing out of your nose is high under-rated, I really miss it. I have both slippers now and two warm feet! The dog doesn't chew shoes and slippers, she just takes them and lays her head on them until I get home. I just had to figure out where she would have gone to wait for me. How can you get mad at her for that?

Connie said...

Poor Sue. You feel better and quick. I love reading your take on things. I usually sit here laughing and my Hubby thinks I'm totally crazy...oh well, what else is new?

I tagged you for a fun meme. I hope you'll take part.