Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I Got a Job and a New Blogging Source

We are in need of a little debt management so I got a part time job. I’m leaving the husband in charge of the household for two evenings a week. I know, it’s a scary thought. But working in the evenings will free up my days for blogging. The dog would never forgive me if I left her all day either. I quit my day job to raise her.

While I was away last night, the dog ate a stick of butter, nobody did the dishes, Boy #3 “forgot” to take a shower, the garbage wasn’t taken out, but I have a new source of blogging material. So along with that plus the husband remembered to study with Boy #3 for his vocabulary test today and they didn’t let the dog track mud into the house. They’re scared of me. The studying and mud thing are the two things I told them to do, the rest I just cross my fingers and hoped for the best.

This morning while cleaning up the effects of the dog eating a stick of butter, I was planning my day. Wednesdays I usually pay the bills, so I try not to think of them until then, it doesn’t always work, that’s why I got a job. A good debt consolidation program would save me some time. I don’t have payments taken out of our account automatically because I would have problems if I did that, bank problems. So I pay bills the old fashion way. I write checks and mail them. I will only pay online if there is no fee. It would be nice to combine some of these bills.

I get to stay home tonight and off for more training tomorrow. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my nights I will be usually working and coming home to some blogging material I’m sure. The husbands favorite line from one of the old sitcoms is, “If the kids are alive when you get home, I did my job.”

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Rob said...

Good post. And, you know, we've pretty much all faced times where our earnings couldn't match our spending. Aside from debt consolidation, which carries its own cost, consider the following. If you order your debts from lowest to highest, you may find that by paying the monthly minimum on all but the smallest one, you may be able to pay off the smallest one in one or two payments. Then, the increased cash flow may help you get the next smallest one paid, and so on. All businesses are aware of the need to manage cash flow, but it really can help many of us that may not be as badly off as it first seems.

Again, thanks for the post.