Tuesday, February 05, 2008

There Are Charts and Widgets For Everyone

I started this blog almost 2 years ago to promote my online stores. I have evolved Farvel Cargo into humorous look into my life and was on the road to actually making some decent money with it. I had a plan, get Christmas over with and get Farvel Cargo and View of Sue on their own domain. It was all coming together until I got smacked. My page rank, that I just started to move upward, plummeted to zero. Damn. I just started a part-time job last night. Double Damn. I want to work in my little home office while wearing my slippers.

Blog Ranks are important to advertisers, I would advertise on a popular blog too. To me traffic is what an advertiser wants. So I’ve joined IzeaRanks.com. They’ve promised to give us more accurate data on our blog traffic. It’s called RealRank. And I have been getting mine to move. A lower number is better. I have a screen shot here of my RealRank scores. It looks like they are moving up but the chart has zero at the top. So I’m spreading the word around for bloggers to see if you have joined yet and what you think so far. Oh and there’s a widget!

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