Friday, February 08, 2008

Time To Get Off My Butt

February in Northeast Ohio is a period of time when winter seems endless. I sit in my office looking out the window at one gloomy day after another. Thinking to myself, “I should get off my butt.” I long for the summer evenings when I ride around on my bike. I live in a great community for bike riding. We have a lake, channels to the lake, pools, tennis courts and playgrounds. So there are people everywhere out and about in the summer. There are ample opportunities to embarrass my children should I choose to do so. My friends and I could easily do that riding around on a bunch of chopper beach cruisers. I found them while looking around for a new bike. I did find some nice looking bikes at Cruiser They have several different styles and a lot of pretty colors. The seats look comfortable too. I’d definitely stand out in the neighborhood on a mint green Beach Cruiser. My birthday is conveniently in May, right at the beginning of bike riding season. A new bike is going on my wish list, my bike is about ten years old and it’s a boring gray color. I want something bright and shiny.


Paddy Wallbouncer said...

About two years ago something happened to the bottom of my fiit and I couldn't run anymore... bummer... So I got a bike and rode around Northern Illinois. A comfy seat is key, I suggest a "Cloud 9" brand, your bike dealer will show you why. If you want to read about my ride go to
(Nice site btw found it through entrecard.)

Sue said...

I'm finding a lot of interesting sites through Entrecard too! Thank you for stopping while dropping. LOL! I'm leaning towards these Cruiser Style bikes because they look good and are reasonably priced. Thanks for the suggestion though, I'll check it out!