Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Damn Diabetic

"Wheat bread? Is dad a diabetic again?"
"Yeah, he's giving it another try. All the junk food is back in the usual hiding places."
The husband decided to give this living thing another shot. Since finding out a little over a year ago that he has diabetes, it's been an uphill battle trying to keep him alive. But I've persevered, because it is all about me anyway. I've always hid my chocolate, but I had to start hiding the potato's too.

Several times during this diabetic year he's told me, "I don't think I'm really a diabetic." With this look on his face like I was actually going to buy it.
"So you're more qualified than the man with a doctor's degree hanging on his wall to make this diagnosis? And the fact that all your siblings and your mother have diabetes, it just skipped you?"

I get no response to my logical questions. But I know when he's fallen off the diabetic wagon. He starts buying me huge Hersey Bars. These Hersey Bars never make it to my secret chocolate stash hiding place, he eats them. "Did you check your blood sugar today?"
"It's fine."
"Yeah? What was it?"
"It's fine."
"When was the last time you checked it?"
"Dear, it's fine."
"It's not like I like to nag you, you've brought it on yourself. I'm trying to keep you alive and this is the thanks I get, you damn diabetic."

It usually takes a "sugar spell" to snap him back into diabetic mode, which happened this week. So that's why I bought wheat bread, hid the chocolate and potato's and told him I loved him. Oh and I bought another issue of Diabetic Living.


ReformingGeek said...

My MIL sometimes says she doesn't think she has diabetes. Uh huh. Yeah, right. My mom hardly ever checks her blood sugar and goes on sugar binges. Sheesh. Those stubborn kids!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great if ignoring something really made it go away? I so wish it worked that way.

(I've been trying to vote for you since last night. I'll keep trying until it works.)

Skye said...

I'm hypoglycemic (body produces too much insulin for those reading that don't know), and even still, I keep the starches and sugars to a bare minimum. I really don't want it turning into diabetes, not only that, but my Munchkin is high-risk for getting it, which absolutely sucks!

As it is though, our sugar levels are maintained with diet and exercise. IF, and it's a big if, I can teach Munchkin exactly how dangerous and serious diabetes is, I may just get her to stop trading her lunches for other kids sugary snacks. It's not something that happens too often, and she actually manages to make better trades on most days (gives away a candy gets a banana, type thing), but I really need to instill in her the dangers of processed foods and sugars!

Nooter said...

mmmm... wheat bread...

BenSpark said...

I'm diabetic and I get the smallest thinnest pieces of wheat bread for lunch, I use one piece piled high with turkey and a half slice of cheese and mustard. It sucks but I'm diabetic so what are you gonna do.

Did you know that today is Diabetes Alert Day? I posted about it on my blog