Friday, March 13, 2009

Hangin' With The Weird

When I go days without a blogging idea I re-evaluated my life and then go to WalMart. Sometimes I clutter my mind with raising teenagers, paying bills and laundry, important stuff I suppose, but they get in the way of my humor brain cells. So I cleared my mind and took the checkbook to WalMart, we had a great time. Every single visit I'm greeted with someone walking out the entrance and walking in the exit and that always puts a smile on my face. The doors are clearly marked but WalMart shoppers have no time for readin' and stuff. There's a freakin' clearance sale going on right down the middle of the store for God's sake. I got a bath towel for $3.00.
On my way out I successfully avoided the Girl Scouts selling their cookies and navigated my way to the SUV, it was surrounded by shopping carts. I guess the few extra feet to the shopping cart holding bin was just to much for some. So I had a extra errand, round up the shopping carts. Those WalMart shopping cart rustlers make shopping cart rustling look easy. Steering three carts at once is an acquired skill, one that I'm lacking. But I managed to swing them over to the appropriate employee, feeling pretty proud of myself too. He never looked up or acknowledged my presence. Huh. Maybe I was doing a better job shopping cart rustling than I thought and he felt threatened. Or maybe he's just weird.


ReformingGeek said...

Just looking at the greeters can spark some ideas for humor.

Anonymous said...

Okay, let's watch with the comments about Wal-Mart greeters-- I may be one someday. ;)

Sue I've got your vodka at my place-- you can push shopping carts better after you knock back a few-- or so I'm told ;)

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

Kudos for you for avoiding the GS cookies. Can't say I'd have had the strength.

As for those WM employees...I never did get why they have greeters when what they need is for someone to get you a cart and perhaps wipe the raindrops off the handle.

I hate those lazy greeters.

Anonymous said...

Wait: he's weird? And you're the one proud of your shopping cart rustling skills? Hmmmm. You may need to rethink that. ;)

Skye said...

I try to avoid Wally World, around here it's absolutely insane! I have been there a time or two, but holy mackerel! Try to walk around in there! I tell you, it just ain't happening with all the Mexicans and Hutterites that come in by the bus load! Not to mention the pain-in-the-butt kids with their wheelies!

There are definitely better places to shop!

beth said...

He's just uninspired!

Relax Max said...

WalMart is fully aware their customers can't read. The Entrance and Exit signs are a throwback to Sam's original design, and has never been changed. True. And you are not supposed to round up carts. WalMart etiquette simply requires you to roll them behind the cars on either side of you. Every time I go to WalMart and the greeter with the Jack Elam eyes refuses to greet me, I swear I will never return. But the $3 bath towels just keep sucking me back.


(I have a private question for you sometime.)

Sue said...

ReformingGeek - Just imagine the fun we could have it the greeter is papercages!

papercages - How did you get my vodka? I'm rarely ever without it. I can't drink this orange juice without my vodka.

Prefers Her Fantasy Life - The Girl Scout cookie cost more than my new bath towel!

UR - I never ever, ever, ever said I wasn't weird.

Skye - I try to avoid small children and Mexicans too. What are Hutterites?

Beth - I gave him a big smile and did half his job for him, he's weird. Thank you for stopping by my blog!

Relax Max - I should have known about the cart etiquette.
What is this private question and should I be nervous?

Jonny's Mommy said...

Trust me. He was just being weird because that is what Wal-Mart employees (not all, but some) do. They be weird. No, that is not a grammatically correct sentence. So? Sue Don't really. I'm poor. You won't get anything out of me.

Skye said...

Hutterites are Mennonites that have split from being Mennonite, but still with that same religion. They live in colonies like the Amish, only they believe in using modern technology.

As they are up to date with technology, you can find them by googling them. I just did, and I even found a link for you I hope that helps you to understand the Hutterites a little better.