Thursday, March 05, 2009

I Envy The Bald

At least this morning I did. This morning when my hair dryer was dead.
"Oh no."

It just wouldn't go on, it wouldn't even try, click, click, click, click, click. Twenty-seven time I tried to turn it on.

"Oh no."

I pushed every button it had, hit it, shook it, said very bad words to it.
"Oh no."

Now I know there is an old hair dryer in the garage, I gave it to the husband for when he does garage guy stuff. He was always "borrowing" it and leaving it in there. I guess he thought I liked searching for my hair dryer and being late for work. I couldn't find the damn thing this morning.
"Oh no."
But in the garage that holds every piece of crap that the husband has collected over our 23 years marriage I found our 23 year old fan.
"This could work."
I plugged it in and it immediately started to rattle and shake. "I really don't have time for this."
One hand tried to secure the fan from wobbling off the bathroom counter and the other tried to style and lift. I was going to be relying heavily on my curling iron today. You just don't walk out of the house as stunning as I am without the proper hair care products. I performed a miracle this morning.


ReformingGeek said...

Yeah and most guys jump out of the shower and their hair is dry. Mine takes awhile and then I have to use the flat iron if I don't want frizz!

David said...

Speaking as a bald man...I wish I could be sympathetic but I just can't.

boo hoo hoo. There is a bad hair day and there is a bad hair life. I'm enjoying the latter. As long as you have the hair, you can perm, straighten, curl, color and twirl. Bald....well....nada.


Skye said...

This is one of the biggest reasons why I choose to keep my hair shaved down to about an 1/8 inch length. I always hated the amount of time I needed to spend on drying it and then styling it. Granted I never had to curl it as it was already so naturally curly people would thought that I had a spiral perm.

Oh it's so much easier to just wash-and-go!

Joel Klebanoff said...

See, this is one advantage of being a guy. I've always found that if you leave it alone hair will dry naturally.

Hobbes said...


Shawn said...

Agreeing with David, here. Plus, as a head shaver, that's more trouble than hair styling ever was. And I was a metro/spiky gel guy to the last.

Relax Max said...

This is a hard one to comment on Sue. This is really a girly blog, right? It is starting to sink in. I did enjoy the brief mention of the fine tools and stuff (that you called crap) of your husband's in the garage. The rest went over my head. I mean, I wish I had a dollar for every hour I've waited for my wife to do her hair, but I have long ago resigned myself to showing up late and standing in the back. See... I can comment on any damn thing you write. But please blog about trucks next time if you can. Thanks. :)

"strin" is the word of the day in your word verification. Not sure what that means...

Ora - Looking for Offramp said...

Got stuck in an airport once, washed my hair in the sink and had to dry it under the hand dryer, which kept going off every 30 seconds. The good thing is, in an airport, you don't know any of the people giving you weird looks.

Michael said...

I could see that happening at my house. Funny.

I noticed that women will get their hair colored, get false nails and eyelashes, spend an hour putting on paint, and then complain that there are no real men left.

Why is that?

Sue said...

ReformingGeek - They just don't appreciate what we go through.

David - Bald men are so jolly.

Skye - I want to shave my head, I really do.

Joel - Guys have a huge advantage when it comes to hair.

Hobbes - Thanks.

Shawn - Of course you agree with David, you bald guys have to stick together.

Relax Max - I appreciate the huge effort you made to comment. At the moment I can not think of a truck post, but I'll consider it a challenge and try to come up with something.

Ora - I use to do that everyday in 10th grade gym class, I took swimming.

Diesel said...

Hmmm. You're sure you didn't trip the GFI?

Karen said...

Before I ever heard of a blow dryer, I would hold my head over the heat register and wait for the heat to kick on. My mom got really mad when I would turn on the heat in the summer.