Monday, March 09, 2009

Trucks, Turds, Tools and Dead Things. This Post is For You Relax Max

The hell you say Relax Max, this is no girlie blog. Relax Max has failed to grasp the severity of a broken hair dryer. It was a traumatic morning for me and now, to redeem myself, I've promised to post about trucks.

The husband drives a truck, a Colorado, it has standard transmission and I can drive it too. It's red.

I've taken a long, hard look at my blog and can not believe I've fallen into the girlie blog category, I've posted about dog turds, that's not girlie. And if you go way back into my archives all I posted about were tools, that's how this blog started, trying to sell tools online.

Occasionally I drive the husbands truck when it's behind my SUV in the driveway and I haul groceries in it.

I've posted about dead bunnies, dear deer and dead chip monks. Dead things are not girlie. No this isn't a girlie blog. Relax Max, one of my frequent visitors and commenter's, is just being shallow and pedantic.


CH!CA said...

I dunno. I like him, he tends to bring out the funny in things. Calling your blog girlie, is one of those things. Even the simplest of minds can see it's not that. ;)

Sue said...

Chica - Ummm, I like him too, that's why I'm giving him a hard time.

Jonny's Mommy said...

The fact you are upset by what some other blogger said -- er... wrote -- might show that this is a girlie blog indeed. :-) Just kidding. I like it no matter what category it goes in!

ReformingGeek said...

Girlie blog? What is a girlie blog? Hair and make-up disasters discussed in way too much detail?

You are a tough cookie!

I can drive a standard and I'm proud of it because if you actually want me to back-up a truck down my long driveway, I'll need some practice.

Skye said...

Now that's funny! I love that you have enough confidence in yourself that you know you aren't going to be misunderstood when you raz someone for a comment made. That is what makes blogs like yours special!

Anonymous said...

Whoa. Girlie blog? Not a chance. (Although I must say in your picture you do look like a girlie girl.) ;)

CH!CA said...

Woot! thadda girl :)

Relax Max said...

I didn't mean to cause trouble. I seldom do. I was only making an observation that there seemed to be a lot of talk about drying your hair and going to WalMart in the snow. And I am not belittling Ohio snow. I grew up in Michigan and I sort of remember it. But I didn't STAY there once I got out of school. Anyway, my comment was meant only for guidance. You can only live on your brave archives for so long. Eventually, you need to wake up in jail with a headache and a new tattoo. That's all I was saying. And, if it isn't too much out of line on your non-girly blog (speaking of tattoos) that Chica woman can bite me.

But, yes, you are hardly a girly blog. I mean you have BOTH word verification AND comment moderation. Now THAT'S brave. Woot indeed.

I am starting to warm up to you. Can't quite put my finger on your appeal, but I keep coming back lately. :)

revami is the word of the day.

Sue said...

Jonny's Mommy - Hey at least I didn't cry! I'm glad you like my blog.

ReformingGeek - Yes I am a tough cookie aren't I?

Skye - Thank you for calling me special!

papercages - Which picture are you referring to? I'm the one up in the header, I don't know who that Sue person is.

Chica - Woot! ;-)

Relax Max darling - You caused a little bit of trouble and you know it. One post about a hair dryer is not a lot of talk about a hair dryer. Everyone who's anyone posts about WalMart. Once the weather here in Ohio, where I've chosen to STAY, warms up, my weird neighbors will start to emerge from their homes and the hilarious posts will ensue. Please let me know when you figured out my "appeal".

Nooter said...

girlie blog? i dunno...
if this were a girlie blog then youd have visitors from search engines picking up on key words in the comments like princess, pink, chocolate, cosmetics, fashion, jewelry, shopping, poetry, scrapbooking, romance, cooking, lip gloss, shoes, submission, lipstick, hairdresser, and curlers.

ettarose said...

Sue, I see you have met the incomparable Relax Max. Trouble is really his first name. His middle and last name are of course "bite me." I think he is into S&M. Just sayin.