Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Dead Bunny

I'm not done talking about this walk the dog and I had this morning. When we got home from our walk, Buckeye and I, we went to the side of the house to check the sump pump. With all the rain we're having, you have to check these things. It isn't working. I'll tell my husband and it will become his problem.
Four years ago in the summer of '03 I was pulling weeds near the sump pump. If you've never seen a sump pump before, check out my picture if blogger will let me load it. See towards to back where part of that big pipe is missing. Good. Remember that. While weeding something moved in the weeds and I jumped back a little. That is when I saw a baby bunny. Awwww, so cute. Let me get a better look. I scared it and it hopped away. Hopped away right down the cement pipe of the sump pump. I stood there waving my hands in front of me. I could hear it splashing around. Oh. Oh No! My husband was cutting the grass so I took off across the lawn. Still waving my hands and babbling,
"The bunny, the bunny, in the sump pump." He couldn't hear me. But he turned off the lawnmower and followed me as I tried to explain my erratic behavior.
"It's down there? Do you know how deep that is? It's dead."
"But I heard it splashing around."
We both leaned closer to listen for signs of life. Nothing.
That was the day I killed the bunny.

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