Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stop to Admire Halloween Decorations

I thought I covered the subject of walking the dog pretty well yesterday. But our walk today deserves a post. We took our winter route this morning, this is the route that was available to us in the dead of winter, when the sidewalks were covered in snow. I was admiring the Halloween decorations in our neighbors yards. I know The Dog Whisperer says to look straight ahead when walking the dog because I'm the "pack leader", but if the neighbors are going to put that much effort into decorating their yards, I should acknowledge it, am I right or what? The dog was lagging back sniffing, so I broke out of my Halloween decoration admiration haze and look down. Thank God! I almost stepped on a completely and I mean completely smashed to the street squirrel. Gross! Did a tank run over it? I was able to tug the dog away before she touched it. I don't think that was part of any Halloween yard display.

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