Thursday, October 04, 2007

I Dreamt of Him

October 3, 1986, our first child was born. I remember when I was pregnant I would have dreams of him. Yes, I knew he was a boy. Everyone said I was having a girl. I remember seeing him clearly in my dreams. The birth was a complicated one. I got a chance to see him quickly, he was already wrapped up in a white blanket, with just his little face showing. He looked straight into my eyes and looked exactly like he did in my dreams. Then he was wisked away.
Now he's 21 and out on his own, ready to get married. It's not healthy to wish for the past, I'm told. I can't hold that little bundle in my arms again, but never do I pass up a chance to hug him and tell him love him!
Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Are you trying to make me cry or what? I certainly remember that time and feel the same about my "baby boy" who turned 19 and is moving out for good in August.