Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ashop Commerce is Worth a Look

I have been selling online since 2003. Just at the online auction type places. I have met a lot of online selling friends over the years through forums. They all have, are starting or at least thinking about their own website. And trying to talk me into doing the same. There is a lot to do when you start your own site. Domain name, web hosting and when you think that’s enough don’t forget shopping cart software. I think that may be your most important decision. You have to be able to integrate with your bank and PayPal, plus make sure you have checkout security.

Ashop Commerce may be worth a look, especially since they have a ten-day FREE trial. What do you have to lose there? Tech support is incredibly important to anyone with a new website especially a novice. Ashop Commerce is there to help you succeed. So all I need to do is jump into the website scene with the rest of my online selling friends.

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