Saturday, October 27, 2007

Retirement Sounds Like a Blast

I have three sets of aunts and uncles in Florida. My parents never wanted to live in Florida, so they all keep in touch with phone calls. If the aunts and uncles call and my parent don’t answer they leave a message. Mom and Dad forget to check their answering machine sometimes and that is where I come in. My aunt called today to make sure everything is okay, yes they’re fine, you know small talk. Then my aunt starts telling me they’re going out tonight and she proceeds to explain all the Events in St. Augustine that are going on. The last Saturday in every month, today October 27 and next month November 24 they have an event called Uptown Saturday Night from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Along San Marco Avenue there are antique shops, book stores, art galleries, live music in the streets and refreshments.
Retirement sounds like a blast! When I plan a trip to Florida it will be around the last Saturday of the month, that’s for sure! So I told my aunt I’d have mom and dad give her a call. As we were getting ready to hang up I told her to behave herself tonight, she giggled.

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