Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Risk of Death by Electric Shock

I tried really hard to pay attention to the long winded electricity classes hosted by Relax Max HERE and HERE. He's taken it upon himself to teach the masses about "eee-lek-TRI-ci-tee". There was some talk of electrons and protons, atoms and stuff, but I never paid attention to that intellectual, book learnin' stuff when I was in school, why start now. Besides I have pictures.
My new hair dryer came with explicit instructions to not remove the tags dangling from it's cord that plugs into the holes. ("the holes" - a Seinfeld reference, but you should know that) My hair dryer wants me to see a constant reminder (diagram included) of the risk of death by electric shock and to warn others. Or they have plastered a warning of impending doom to cover their butts when some moron mis-uses an electrical appliance.


Shawn said...

Reminds me of those electric "monsters" you see on the sides of those green transformers (not the movie robots). They're all "rawr" and reaching out to shock some unsuspecting fool to death.

Not that it stopped us as kids from sitting and playing all over them.

Relax Max said...

I dunno Susie. Looks to me like some of them pesky ee-LEK-trons might just be seeping out down your drain. Seeing as how you have apparently got the prongy thingys pushed into the proper holes, all that is left to test my theory is for you to turn on the water. Please report back. Thanks. :)

foadne (and a bright post-St. Paddy's Day green it was, too.)

Diesel said...

You don't need to worry about being electrocuted any more. All of your bathroom outlets have ground fault interrupters (GFIs) that protect you from being electrocuted.


Carl said...

Could I borrow your hair dryer? Or tell me the brand and model number and I'll go get one. One co-worker of mine is in seriously need of a severe eee-lek-trik shock. Well, I just want to see him "fried."