Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blogging Family Style

It's only a matter of time before I have my entire family blogging their brains out. If I'm not talking about what I'm blogging about next then I'm talking about my blogs in general. While most of my friends and family pretend to show interest when I'm babbling about widgets, there are a select few that I haven't bored to tears and have actually listened to me. They don't pat me on the head and say,
"I'm going to go stand over there now."
"They" are my future daughter-in-law, Just Me and these two clowns The World of Silly Willy and Fluffy. I received a call from Uncle Silly Willy this afternoon. Let me tell you Uncle Silly Willy and Aunt Fluffy have parked their RV in Florida for the winter so when you live in Northeast Ohio and in March you get a call from someone who use to live in Northeast Ohio, it doesn't matter if their hair is on fire the first thing they are going to say is, "How's the weather?" Then there's a giggle.
After we got the Ohio's crappy winter weather conversation out of the way he told me he started a blog. These two clowns have so much fun that I've been telling them to start blogging. I'm so excited they jumped into the blogging world. Way to go guys!


Jenny said...

I am jealous. Kinda. I can't get ANYONE in my family to blog. Not even teh hubby.

Tina Kubala said...

Addiction loves company.

Silly Willy and Fluffy said...

Sue, Thanks for adding our blog to your blog. Also, Thank you for all your inspiration and help. You are so talented and fun to read. Love ya.
Uncle Silly Willy and Aunt Fluffy

When do you want the 5 bucks???