Monday, March 03, 2008

There Were Zombies

Not often do I remember my dreams. After extensive research into dreams and how they work, I asked a guy at work, I found out that you only remember the dreams you have when your not in a deep sleep. REM, I think. I'm a deep sleeper. The only thing that can wake me from a deep sleep are the boys. It's a mom thing. From the time I brought them home from the hospital, that mom alarm went into effect.
Saturday night I remembered a dream and there were Zombies. My dream was just starting when the dog decided to dramatically shift position. She sleeps in between the husband and I. She'll get up and turn around in a tight circle, round and round, and then flop down in the same spot she started. She's a drama queen.
The Zombies were just starting to wake up in my dream and I was right in the middle of them, I would have liked to see where we were going with that. I've seen enough Zombie movies to know that you have to hit them in the head to kill them. I've been playing softball since I was a kid, I have a pretty good swing.
I guess the dog sensed my disappointment, when we woke in the morning she had moved to the couch. Either she was scared of the Zombies coming back, she didn't want to wake me again or she was trying to make me feel bad. I didn't even know she left, I was in a deep sleep of course. The rest of my dreams were lost to me.


feefifoto said...

Just tripped onto you via Entrecard. I love your banner!

Sue said...

Thank you! I just changed it last week!

Catherine said...

My partner used to dream about zombies all the time (and fling his arms around and kick me in his sleep), until one Christmas, I bought him a copy of The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead by Max Brooks - he hasn't had a bad dream about them since!

I like the update to your site too, though I miss that quote from your husband (?), something about stopping you shopping - that always made me smile.

TripTheLady said...

my dreams are haunted by vampires... not that i remember my dreams either, i just know when i wake up i was being chased by one ;)

Sue said...

The Zombie Survival Guide!? There is really a book titled that? Awesome! I'm getting it.

Would someone please stop this woman from spending anymore money? thanks, her husband
You can find that saying at my t-shirt shop in the left column.
Thanks Catherine!

Sue said...

Hey Tripthelady!
I can't decide what's worse, being chased my vampires or zombies! LOL!