Monday, March 10, 2008

Heavily Influenced Wedding

Wow, wedding invitations have sure change since the last time I browsed through them, twenty-three years ago. I was twenty-one when I was planning my wedding, back in the day. A lot of the wedding decisions where heavily influenced by my mother. She said the wedding invitations should be plain off-white with black lettering. I think I still have copies of mother’s guide to proper wedding etiquette wedding invitations in my attic. Some of our wedding gifts involved our invitation too. It’s in a frame somewhere and on a big, off-white candle. Some people can be so clever. I should get that big old candle out of the attic.

Boy #1 is getting married in August, so I’ve been frequenting wedding web sites and ran across a Contemporary Wedding Invitations site. They have colors on them and everything. 1st Class Wedding Invitations has one design that is called Watercolor Bouquet and it’s gorgeous. I think wedding etiquette might have been relaxed somewhat over the years. Do you think me being the mother of the groom and all that I still have to wear a beige dress and keep my mouth shut? Beige really isn’t my color and I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut.

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Ann said...

(LOL) I thought for a minute you were going to make me cry. I should have known better- And I don't think you should have wear beige or ever keep your mouth shut~ Just sayin' :))