Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mocha Cappuccino Science

If I go out, I buy a Mocha. Thank God for spare change in the seat cushions because I'd spend my last buck on a Mocha. It's a harmless addiction, but addiction none the less. And it's gas station cappuccino. If the station cappuccino making machine is out of mocha I am able to improvise. Two-thirds Original Cappuccino and one-third Hot Chocolate tastes just like a Mocha. Also, two-thirds French Vanilla and one-third Hot Chocolate can pass as a Mocha.
For the days that I stay in huddle over the computer in my jammies I've found a double mocha cappuccino mix. I mix two-thirds coffee, one-third milk and three table spoons of the instant mix and that keeps my going until I go out again.

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