Friday, March 07, 2008

What a Busy Day

What a busy day! I had to drive around in the snow to make sure I stocked the fridge and get some bills paid. Just now, I’m starting to dig out from under the Christmas bills. It’s my own fault, I found so many deals from the Black Friday ads that I went overboard, just a little.

I had to get a job. I received an email when the latest Black Friday ads were posted and shopped online until my fingers were soar. All I had to do was submit my email address at their site and I received the ads for the Friday after Thanksgiving sales. The Friday after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday, an ominous sounding day for a full frenzy of shopping. Looking for parking spaces, fighting crowds, standing in line, it’s just not for me. I avoided all that by shopping online last Christmas. I had my packages brought to me, right to my door. WalMart and Kohl’s love me. In fact, Kohl’s send me a note every month.

So now that I have another Christmas tucked away, I sit and watch the snow fall outside looking forward to spring. In Northeast Ohio it should arrive around July.

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