Saturday, March 29, 2008

Buckeye is Trippin'

I'm pretty sure I'm not going to faint now. Not that I can't stand the site of blood, I'm raising three boys, it's just with everything that was going on today, I forgot to eat. I ran to the bank and ran to the store. The husband had the dog, calls me on his way home as I make it into my driveway and says, "We might have to go to the vet."
"What did you do to my dog?"
She gets out of the truck with a gaping wound on, I guess her doggie shoulder. It's where the front leg and body meet. "Might have to go to the vet? Are you kidding me? Get the check book."

The husband isn't irresponsible, I should let you know that. I think he likes the dog, Buckeye, better than the kids. He just takes Buckeye over to his sisters every Saturday to play with Oliver, the big black lab. They have a fenced in yard and we don't. Dogs do what dogs do or Buckeye was trying to hump Oliver. A fight ensued and Buckeye ended up getting stitches in the doggie hospital.
This happened at 1:00pm ish and by 5:00pm
we were taking Buckeye home. She walked in a Z pattern through the parking lot, she's trippin' on sedatives and pain pills and sleeping it off on the couch. As you can see in the picture. While she was on her doggie high, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to clean Sid the Leopard Gecko's cage. I could clunk that aquarium around without Buckeye's nose into everything and scaring poor Sid out of his skin. And it worked, Sid is styling in a clean cage with a new cage carpet and Buckeye is none the wiser. This is about the time when I realized I had nothing in my stomach but Mocha Cappuccino, 24 ounces of it. I got dizzy and shaky. The moron that I am, I asked myself, "Should I eat first or blog about this?"


Kathy said...

I hope Buckeye gets well fast! How scary. Oh, and I totally get your blogging reaction - isn't it funny how we do that?

valmg said...

I hope Buckeye gets better soon.

Dennise said...

Sounds like you need to pay attention to your blood sugar too.

Sue said...

Thanks for commenting ladies! Buckeye slept well last night and is more of her old self today! :)

Tatum Tot said...

Ooo doggie fights are no fun. Usually I play with dogs that mount me but sometimes I tell them to quit! Unless it's Oreo, he's my border collie boyfriend and he's so handsome!

the Mum said before I came there were more dog fights but things must have settled down now.