Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter Egg Coloring

Do I still have to color Easter eggs? I have teenage boys that have no interest at all in dipping a hard-boiled egg in a coffee cup full of purple water that smells like vinegar. Last year I had to look up online how to make the egg coloring because they took the PAAS egg coloring kits out of the stores before I could buy one. The picture posted is the one I shared with my forum buddies last year. I remember going on and on, to anyone that would listen, the drama I went through the color Easter eggs.
"Do you know I had to make them with food coloring." I would say.
Probably, I should have saved the "recipe", Easter Sunday is in five days and I haven't bought my little kit yet. I have about 37 of those wire egg dippers in my utensil drawer. Why don't I throw them away? Why do I continually let them tangle with my slotted spoons, spatula's and basting brush? It can't be sentimental, can it? Am I that much of a sap? No way, I just don't want to clean out the utensil drawer.

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valmg said...

I wonder why they took the Paas kits out of the stores before Easter... We have those here right through Easter and then on clearance after.
I tagged your for a little meme, http://www.valmg.com/index.php/2008/four-questions-four-answers/