Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another Mrs. Kravitz Moment

I'm having a Mrs. Kravitz moment. When your desk is right next to the window that overlooks the neighborhood you can't help but notice things. You can call me a nosey neighbor I suppose. But when is my neighbor across the street going to take her Christmas wreath down off her front door? It's starting to bother me. We had, just last week, unseasonably warm temperatures. Most of the neighborhood was busy taking down their holiday decorations. Maybe the neighbor across the street forgot the wreath was there. They use their garage to go in and out of the house. See how observant I am? Don't you wish you lived across the street from me? Oh, look at that a police car just went flying by with it's siren on. I have to go crane my neck to see what's happening.

1 comment:

john said...

you'd cringe to see my xmas tree still in my picture window!~

I know, I know, it's copming down this weekend.

I do it on purpose through v-day just to add some nice lighting effects during the dark days of winter,

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