Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Socks - I'm Losing the Battle

They always need socks, my boys do. Santa brought them all socks for Christmas. Boy #3 managed to get a hole in a pair he wore for the first time. He thinks it's funny when the dog tries to pull them off. I've had it with socks already. I've lost a fortune on socks. I don't want to talk about socks anymore. Enough with the sock talk.
As you can see in the picture, Boy #3 duct taped the hole in his sock. What do you say to a kid after he does something like that? "Hold still, I'm taking a picture of that so I can blog about it!"


Anonymous said...

That is so...funny! My son would have done the exact same thing. Actually he has with black electical tape!!

Have a good one.

Sue said...

Duct tape and electrical tape, I guess they think they are ready for anything now! LOL!

Navin said...

hahaha, i'm loving your practical posts..
but you know clicking each and every moments we spent in real life?? it's bit awkward for me to do.. though i want to take shot of things and blog about it.. whatever, that's funny