Friday, January 11, 2008

Bloggers I have a Problem

I've been swearing like a drunken sailor since yesterday morning. There is something wrong with my computer. It's running way too slow. The geek can't get past the fact that we have a wireless connection and he blames everything on that. So he's no help. I have defragged, tossed my cookies and ran a Norton Anti-Virus scan. What else is there? Does anyone have advice?


DewKnight said...

I wrote some info on cleaning up a computer a while back. Ignore the first paragraph under Anti Spyware though, it's out of date:

Sue said...

Thank you dewnight! I got rid of my temporary files and the computer is moving again!

Holly said...

I use a free program called CC cleaner it cleans all those files for you. You can get it here.

I've used it for about a year now it works really well and my computer runs a lot better then it did before.

Sue said...

Thank you Holly!

Navin said...

If your internet is slow, it's something wrong with your DSL router or connection.

If your PC is slow itself, it's not connection problem :

Norton Antivirus is a big problem :)(if you could try NOD32)

and yeah, remove unneeded programs.. that'll help your system run smoothly..

don't put 'long long file names'

regularly free the temporary folders or cached offline Internet files.

Do a safe-mode defrag instead ..

and reduce unnecessary startup programs..

and don't keep your computer on for long time..

and if you've laptop, don't keep your AC plugged in. remove when your laptop's battery is full.

when you open FF or IE, don't open too many tabs at a time..

I know you've got things working, but still consider above things

Sue said...

Thank you Navin! I always have at least 4 windows open at a time. Is that bad?