Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Diabetic Ride

Yep, that is what my new blog is going to be called! DiabeticRide.com is the domain name that has been registered. I'm just getting the hosting finalize and I'll be ready to start. The Friday before Christmas the husband was diagnosed with diabetes, you can read my post about it here.

For a few months I had been planning on starting a new blog, my own blog, but wasn't sure about a niche. Holy Crap be careful what you wish for. I got my niche. I plan to learn about diabetes through this new blog. It will in no way be me giving advice, it will be about the husbands and my journey to trying to keep him healthy.
I will be looking for other diabetic blogs to link with and the first thing on my list will be finding recipes. If you have a recipe for diabetics I will definitely link to your blog for it. Leave me a comment and I will make sure I let you know when DiabeticRide.com is up and running.
So please be sure to join the adventures of this clueless couple on their Diabetic Ride!

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