Thursday, January 31, 2008

Paging Dr. Mom

There is a flashlight in my bathroom, on the counter by the sink. Why? Most moms know why. Someone in the house has a soar throat. And it's up to the Dr. Moms to determine the severity. Translation - are they going to school today. Back when they were little I'd tell them to open, stick out your tongue and say ahhhh, oh and don't breath. That last one I added for myself, morning breath and germs coming at you first thing in the morning is never going to end well. I had the pleasure this morning of having two patients. They are taller than me now and I have to stand on the toilet to peer into the oral cavities. Boy #2 cowboyed up and went to school, he is in the beginning of the sick crude that will inevitably end up with me. Boy #3 has had enough and is sleeping it off today. One of my favorite lines from one of the little darlings when I couldn't see any redness was, "Are you sure you don't need new batteries in that flashlight mom?"


cardiogirl said...

Your kids must be older than mine (mine are 7, 4 and 2.5) because mine use our flashlights to "go camping" under the covers. I couldn't find a flashlight in this house to save my life.

Sue said...

LOL! I always kept one hidden! Over the years I found several household objects that need a special place. Tape, screwdriver, scissors and chocolate of course!