Monday, January 07, 2008

I am a Loud-Talker

My mother asked me a couple of months ago why I talk so loud. I had no idea I did talk loud. I talk too loud? After some personal observation I can now blame my loud-talking on my teenagers. Because teenage boys think of two things and two things only the majority of their waking hours, girls and cars in no particular order. Trying to get my voice to penetrate the thick skull of a teenage boy, trying to weave my voice through their constant thoughts of used cars and the opposite sex has turned me into a loud-talker. Have I lead by example? My mind tends to wander when they talk about cars. Most of those conversations they save for their dad, thank goodness. The three of them, the husband, Boy #2 and Boy #3 have found a site called BuyYourCar. They have been studying since the holiday season ended. Yes, I had a rest from car talk during the holiday season. But now we are back at in full force. So BuyYourCar has a section on buying advice, which is a good idea. It has questions you should ask the seller of the used car. This is the section the husband only looks over because Boy #2 and Boy #3 are too busy visioning themselves behind the wheel of a Mustang. I’ve also noticed the husband is a loud-talker too!


Karen said...

I'm a loud talker too. That is why, when I worked at a bank, they had me wait on all the old people.

Sue said...

LOL! Now that's funny Karen!