Thursday, January 24, 2008

Gross, It's Puke

The dog puked on my comforter. And my blanket, the living room floor and my office floor. She's having a reaction to her rabies vaccine. I called the Vet and he sent me to the drug store for Pepcid AC and Benadryl, yeah that's what I thought I should do. Give a dog Pepcid AC.
I had her outside because she didn't look too good and as soon as we got in the house she puked. That's when the kids got home from school. I'm really not sure if Boy #3 is going to eat today, but I am sure he won't have a job in the medical profession.


Navin said...

lol.. ha ha ha ha.. why can't he be on that job? lol.. boy #3 could be..

well, get well soon msg to Ms Pukerr.. and yeah, we love em, so, we don't mind even when they puke on our dining hall, do we?? lol..

My dog Tiger peed on the sitting room, hard to wash wool tibetan carpet rug.. I was laughing at that time, when he did that.. lol

anyway, nice to read your story :)

HoundsGood said...

Oh I can relate (esp. the times when you are asleep at 3 A.M. and your barely conscious self can hear the dreaded "noise" of a dog "about to do it" and you can't wake yourself.)
Surprisingly enough, there are a few "people meds" that dogs can take.

I really hope she feels better quick!

Sue said...

She's sleeping it off today! But she's much better, eating and everything!

Who We Are said...

Looks like she's puking a blue stuffed animal.

Sue said...

No, I didn't take a picture of her puking! LOL! Her name is Buckeye and that's her blue Michigan doll she chews on!