Saturday, January 05, 2008

T-Shirts are at the Top of my List

I haven't blogged about my T-Shirts in a while so that's on my list today, along with taking the Christmas Tree down. T-Shirt blogging on the top of the list, Christmas Tree breakdown at the bottom. I'm not one of those people that keep their tree up until March, but I do put it off as long as I can. Don't believe me when I say I will take it down today, I don't even believe it myself.
Back to the T-Shirts! I opened this CafePress Shop way back in 2003. I got the idea after yelling at one of the boys, because he forgot something - again. "Do I have to pin a note to your shirt?" I took that concept a step further and came up with the idea to have a T-Shirt look like it had a note pinned to the back of it, you know like "Kick Me" all the nerds had on the back of their T-Shirts in school.
My best seller is pictured in this post - "Under Surveillance, (just act normal)" and the one that I wear all the time - "Would someone please stop this woman from spending anymore money? Thanks, her husband" is a popular one too!
I also have Under Surveillance in a contest at in the Funny T-Shirt category it's in 28th place right now and I could use some votes if you got a minute! Just look for the picture in this post if it move a place or two.
Now I have something on my list done! And there's no way I'm getting to that tree today.

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