Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bring That Portable Scanner Home

The other day my mom found a picture of herself when she was a little girl and she was sitting on her father’s lap. It’s a black and white photo, a little wrinkled and faded, I could tell it meant a lot to her. She asked me, “Can you put this in your computer?” Mom is not very computer savvy, in fact she’s anti-computer. My parents don’t have a computer in their house. I had to try and explain to her scanning. Then once her eyes glazed over I gave up.
My husband keeps telling me about the latest technology at work and it’s hard for me to keep up, so I can imagine how my mom feels. A portable scanner is what he’s been talking about recently. It’s 14 ounces and you can carry it around with your laptop. And it wouldn’t take up much space on your desk either. It has 600 dpi resolution, huh. That would be great for photos. I asked him, “How far up on the list of people at work are you for getting one of those scanners?” He gave me one of those looks. “What, it’s portable, forget it’s in your briefcase one night.”

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