Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Estimated Time of Resolution

It's a good thing I took the afternoon off yesterday, there was something freaky going on with the neighborhoods electricity. The power would go off for 3 seconds, then come back on. Which just so happens to be a little too long for my microwave to handle but not my coffee-maker. Every 15 minutes this happened for almost 3 hours. After the first 4 times, I stopped fixing the time on my microwave. The power company has some issues to work out, obviously.
Although it did start to become annoying, I was getting impatient and Boy #3 was getting grumpy, so I called the power company. House was on last night! Someone once told me when you get an automated voice system, you just act stupid and you will be re-directed to a real person/representative. Hey it worked! The real live person told me that they were aware of the problem and estimated the problem being resolved at 7:38 pm. Wow, I'd like to be able to put an estimated time of resolution on my problems.

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