Friday, November 02, 2007 Has Free Forms

I tell my kids this all the time, everyone should, at one time in their life, start his or her own business. I think the world then would be made of better, reasonable employees. They would see the all hoops small business owners are made to jump through. Hoops that are around every corner you turn. For those of us with more of a creative mind than a business mind, setting up a corporation can be a very daunting experience. You can seek out help for that! Help is out there for you. offers free corporate forms or they can prepare a whole set of documents with you for a small fee. There are certain requirements that need to be met and that will vary from state to state. has information on forming corporations and LLCs by state. Visit’s Frequently Asked Questions page and see for yourself what they have to offer small business owners. Or check out the site for their toll free number if you prefer to talk to someone. Money is well spent when it frees up that creative mind of yours and saves you time and money. Get some help going through those hoops.

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