Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Check Another One Off My List

My mother-in-law is incredibly difficult to buy for during the holidays, well she is for Mother’s Day and her birthday too. She just doesn’t need anything. I found a perfect gift for her though! Don’t tell my sister-in-laws! It’s my idea. A Digital Picture Frame. I give her pictures of the kids all the time and she props them up on her end table next to her chair and they fall over and then finally end up in a pile. How cool would it be to have that pile in one frame? In a digital picture frame it plays a slide show. She has nothing like it and it would save her so much space. Why stop with my mother-in-law? This would be a great gift for my mom also. I have quite of few events besides Christmas coming up. The digital camera will be in overdrive. We have a high school graduation coming up in June and a wedding in August, which also means a bridal shower. It scares me when I write everything all down. I will be taking a lot of pictures. Now I can put a check mark next to my mother-in-law on my Christmas list.

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