Saturday, November 03, 2007

Where is the Off Button?

I wish I would have taken a picture! Boy #2's girlfriend was over last night, she had a doll with her. Not just any doll. It was a life-like baby that she had to take home for the weekend. She's taking a class in High School called Family Life. She came over to watch a movie with us and brought a crying baby! It was quiet when she got over so Boy #2 made popcorn. They sat on the couch together eating popcorn while the "baby" sat in its baby seat. When they were done with the popcorn they put the empty bag on top of the baby. Yikes!
It has a memory stick in it and when it get back to class the teacher can tell everything that went on. It was so fun to watch, better than TV. Boy #2 kept asking the girlfriend where the off button was!

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