Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Temporary Relief From Dentemp OS

It seems that every trip we take, we learn of something we should have packed. We have learned a lot through the years at the expense of a vacation. Remember to take barf bags, a screwdriver, color pencils in the car instead of crayons, birth control (I can’t stress how important that is), asprin, benedryl, ace bandages, and now we just learned Dentemp OS. When you are in a hotel room late at night and you lose a filling it sucks. Oh and it really hurts. I don’t know what I was thinking going down to the front desk looking for temporary dental care in my bathrobe, but I did. Pain makes you do weird things. The guy behind the desk not only looked surprised but a little bit scared of me. Needless to say he couldn’t help me at 1:00 am. Dentemp OS can temporarily replace a filling or cement a loose crown. Most importantly relieve the pain and prevent embarrassing situations. My husband let me go to the front desk in my robe. I must have scared him too. Just once I would like to go on vacation and not have to learn a lesson while traveling. You know relax and stuff.

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