Wednesday, November 21, 2007

One Mustn't Screw with Thanksgiving Dinner

My assignment for this year's Thanksgiving dinner are the mashed potatoes. I got the nod again this year. The in-laws must have been impressed with last years contribution.
I went to the store this morning for the potatoes and then stopped for a mocha. Got back home around noon, the dog slobbered on me and I went to wash my hands. There was no water coming out of my faucet. So that's what those men up the street, that I so carefully avoided hitting with my car, were doing. Turning off the communities water the day before Thanksgiving, the most important dinner of the year. I could hear a collective scream of frustration throughout the neighborhood.
About an hour later it came back on. One mustn't screw with Thanksgiving dinner. The thought of Thanksgiving dinner without mashed potatoes is devastating. The thought of Thanksgiving dinner without mashed potatoes being your fault, a fate worse than death. I filled my boiling pot with water, more than I'll need. Those potatoes will be made tomorrow come hell or high water.

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