Sunday, November 04, 2007

Clever Bridal Shower Ideas

I’m going to have to plan a bridal shower very soon for Boy #1 and his girlfriend. I’ve been getting idea’s over the internet and I thought I’d share a gift I got at my bridal shower. I opened the card to one gift that was a shirt box size. The card was signed by about six ladies in my soon to be sister-in-laws family. I opened it up and it was one of the chef's aprons I wanted. Huh… I’m thinking to myself, six ladies went in together and bought me an apron. As I’m taking this apron out of the box I noticed things attached to it. The things were 5 and 10 dollar bills sewn all over the apron! This is the kind of apron you need for a gift such as that and the shipping is free. Clever Ladies!

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