Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Trusted Tours and Attractions

They told us we’d have snow today, but I don’t see any yet. Snow before Christmas is okay with me, it covers up the leaves we haven’t raked yet and it adds to the Christmas feel. Snow after Christmas is another story. It usually sticks around way too long and has us dreaming of heading south. The husband and I have reached a point in our lives that we can start taking get away vacations, just the two of us. The boys are older now and they can take care of themselves and the dog. So I signed us up for Trusted Tours and Attractions Newsletter. Just in case the husband wants to whisk me away to Key West or somewhere, I’m ready! I was also automatically entered to win four free tickets to tours in a city of my choice when I signed up. I would definitely pick something historical for the husband, he’s a history buff. Key West has a Shipwreck Historeum Museum and I know he’d enjoy something like that. There are a bunch of tours to pick from, while I might not pick a Shipwreck Museum first, there’s plenty of room for compromising for the next tour we choose. I’m not so sure I can talk the husband into parasailing, but I’d give it a shot!

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