Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wear a Beige Dress and Keep Your Mouth Shut

I use to work at a printing company and never had to worry about getting things like wedding invitations done. But I quit that job. I have a wedding and a graduation coming up this summer, so when I run across a site that has modern and contemporary invitations, I make note of it. Being the mother of the groom I know I’m suppose to wear a beige dress and keep my mouth shut, but if asked I’m ready with information. The future daughter-in-law is an online shopper, you go girl, and will be checking out invitations online I’m sure of it. Now I need to go search beige dresses.


Karla said...

you can wear any color you wish to the wedding as long as its not white. lol, i hope that makes it better for you.

Sue said...

LOL! You Go Girl. Did you book mark this site?

Karla said...

ya i found some nice invititaions on that site, thank u