Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cheatin' Husband Lost His Jaguar

Too funny, Boy #2 has been on the web looking for a sports car for a while now and is always calling me over to “check this out mom”. I roll my eyes and go take a look. But this time it was well worth the look. He found this Cheap Jaguar and we had a really good laugh! The ad starts off like this: Car Belongs To Cheating Rat Of A Husband. But The Idiot Had The Car Registered In My Name So It's Mine To Sell.
What’s that old saying? “If you’re gonna play, you’re gonna pay.” I think the wife got the cheating husband good! The cheatin’ husband had his Jaguar registered in his wife’s name and then he cheated on her. So she put his car up for sale at Buy Your Car in the Used Car section, after she threw paint on it. And she listed it at half of what it was worth. You go girl! Buy Your Car also sells New Cars and has information on Car Loans. Who would have thought that I could teach my son some life lessons on a Used Cars website? I asked him if he learned from this ad and he said, “Yeah, make sure everything is in my name!”

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