Sunday, November 04, 2007

Cozy, Comfortable Weekend

If you came over to my house today you would think you stepped back in time just a little bit. My husband is out cleaning up the back yard and chopping, yes chopping wood. I got home from the store and there was an axe stuck in a log of wood out in the backyard. The chainsaw is broken. It looked like a scene from Bonanza, Little Joe and Hoss were always chopping wood. And I went back to my kitchen were I was finishing up adding the ingredients to my home-made soup, it's simmering now.
Tonight is the night we are going to have the first fire in our new fireplace. We promised Boy #1 we would have it cranked up for him as he and his girlfriend are going to the Cleveland Browns game. They will be over after the game to pick up their laundry. Do we sound picturesque or what?

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