Friday, November 16, 2007

Hey! How Stupid Do We Look?

When I wake up in the morning, while trying to get Boy #3 out of bed, I put on Fox News. I have to make sure the world isn't blowing up before I start my day. This morning I got to see a recap of the winners and losers in the Democratic debate. They have a moving chart of the reactions of people while watching the debate. It's explained to us that the viewers have a significant drop in approval when the Democrat Candidates go after each other with personal attacks. Okay. Show me a visual. They do! The TV screen fills with a chart and moving lines. They show a question being asked and then Hillary and Obama go at it. We see the lines descend. Really with my own eyes I can see the lines descend. But the reporter decides to use his pointer to show me the lines descending. Thanks pal. Talk down to me some more.

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