Saturday, November 03, 2007

I Want to Know What my Sleep Number is!

Well I’ll be sleeping good tonight after all this apple peeling. I can’t wait to climb into bed. I really like my sleep and get very grumpy when my sleep is interrupted. We have a waterbed and the air bubbles need to be sucked out because when the dog or my husband move you can hear the water sloshing around and it wakes me up. This waterbed thing is getting old, we’ve had a waterbed since we got married, 22 years. They were popular back then. Now it’s almost impossible to find sheets!
I’ve been dying to know what my sleep number is, maybe we should get a sleep number bed. I hear about them all the time on the radio. I’m a radio talk show junkie. In fact Rush Limbaugh was just talking to a caller about how great sleep number beds are. You can change the firmness of the mattress on each side of some of the beds. Trust me when it come to falling asleep and staying asleep my husband and I are on two different wavelengths. No blankets for him, extra for me. Completely quiet for me, TV on for him. I’m sure our sleep numbers would far away from each other’s. I want to know what my sleep number is!

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