Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Dog Has My Back

I've been eating chocolate all day. I should take the dog on a walk or something. I need to move away from the computer and the TV. My other blog, View of Sue is an entertainment blog so moving away from the TV will be difficult. I need to review Survivor, My Name is Earl and The Office.

Let me continue, I'm eating chocolate all day because I managed to squirrel away some Halloween candy last night. I usually buy a bag of cheap candy for the big teenagers that have no business begging for candy, the kids that have drivers license's and should be at work, the kids that didn't even make an effort to put on a mask. Those kids get that candy that's wrapped in the orange and black wrappers at my house and only one piece. What is that stuff anyway?

I didn't get my bag of cheap candy this year and almost regretted it. It was a good night weather wise, my house was well lit, I was sitting right on the front steps handing out the candy. The only thing I had keeping the candy in the bowl was the dog barking at every single trick or treater that came by. Every single one!

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