Monday, November 19, 2007

Christmas on the Beach

For my entire life, Christmas and New Years Eve have always been celebrated in Northeast Ohio. The mere thought of leaving the comfort of the blustering Northeast Ohio weather was considered blasphemy. It just wasn’t done. My husband and I would load the presents first in the car and then the kids. Schlep over to my mom and dad’s. Open presents, load them in the car, load the kids back in. Drop the load of presents off at the house and load the next round of presents for the other set of parents house. I’m not complaining. Those are cherished memories. We will always remember the ride home that one year the Boy #1 threw up in the convent parking lot, it was the first opportunity my husband had pull over. New Years Eve we were to broke to go anywhere.
The boys are older and before (Dear God I can’t believe I’m saying this) grandchildren come along I’d like to spend a Christmas in the sun, on the beach. Radical of me isn’t it? I’d like to grab the whole family and rent a house or a condo like I’ve read about, those Oregon New Years vacation. That would be so much nicer than a bunch of hotel rooms. And it’s fun to go to this site and watch the 360 views of the houses for rent. Oh dare to dream!

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