Monday, November 19, 2007

Some Would Call It Age I Suppose

When the husband and I met, it was on a softball field. We both played two to three nights a week, all different days. So our dates were when we met at the bar afterward. Before the games we met briefly, told each other good luck and helped tape up whatever hurt. Never anything serious, we were young, a product like Freeze It never entered our minds. One day before a game the husband threw an ace bandage at me and asked me to help wrap his knee. As I wound the ace bandage around his knee and the other end dwindled, something fell out, an engagement ring. Romantic, isn’t he? We were married and the softball games didn’t quit, when softball season was over, bowling started.
When the boys came the sports slowed down. But what really slowed us down were the soar knees, elbows and necks. Some would call it age I suppose.
When the boys started team sports, that’s when we stopped. We would go for walks, bike rides and swims over the years but gone were the strenuous activities. As the years went by we became weekend warriors! Go to work all week and yard work on the weekend. On Monday mornings we started making unfamiliar sounds, without warning a groan would escape our mouths, we were starting to sound like our parents. How did this happen?

Nothing could prepare us for the undertaking of vinyl siding our own house this past year. Every weekend this summer we ripped off aluminum, hung the vinyl, hammered, climbed ladders, and oh the bending over to pick things up. By Sunday night the two of us would sit in our recliners unable to move. Some would call it age I suppose. Freeze It Gel would have come in handy. I would have slathered on my neck and my husband elbow. But now we not only sound like our parent we look like them too.

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