Monday, November 05, 2007

Let's Grow Old Together

Can you see it? It's our first fire in our new fireplace! My feet stayed warm last night while watching TV. Life is good. We had our chimney totally redone this summer. The old one had a crack in it and we found out the hard way. Our furnace broke one year after we moved in to our home. My husband slept on the couch to keep the fire going and try to keep the house warm until morning when the furnace guy was coming. The old fireplace lost it's draft and smoke started coming in to the house. The smoke alarm went off, I woke up and ran downstairs and couldn't get my husband to wake up. He had carbon monoxide poisoning. So we haven't had a fireplace lit since then, about 13 years. This is an expensive home improvement project and I wasn't in a hurry to have a fireplace after the "incident" but our brother-in-law is a mason and he was in charge of the project. We finally had it done and I plan on enjoying sitting in front of a fire with my husband.

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