Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Shopping at Farvel Cargo Tools and More!

Here you go! This box contains:
1" x 15' Ratchet Tie Down
4 Piece Funnel Set: sizes 2", 3", 4", and 5"
One pair of size large Brown Jersey Work Gloves
One 21" hooked bunge cord
One L.E.D. Squeeze Flashlight (no batteries needed)

to find out more about this eBay
auction and others!

Oh and if you would just VOTE for our t-shirt at t-shirtcountdown we would really appreciate it!
Thank you!

Monday, November 27, 2006

More Holiday Gift Ideas from Farvel Cargo!

This wheel is the most commonly used wheel for general polishing. The spiral design allows for greater pressure to be applied to the work surface.
A nice gift for anyone who know what these things do!!
I think people use them on car parts and stuff, you know to "Polish" them.
We have other gift ideas just click here.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Shopping at eBay with Farvel Cargo Tools and More!

What a DEAL!
One box of gifts under $10.00!
And there are 3 other boxes with various tool items in them.
Click here to see all of our auctions at eBay this week!
Buffing Wheels
Polishing Compound
Heat Shrink Tubing
and of course the boxes of tools!

Here is a link to a great gift idea - T-Shirts!

T-Shirts that look like someone has pinned a note to the back of them with funny messages!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Shop at home with Farvel Cargo!

One box of tools will fill one stocking! Conveniently shipped to you in a box that you can store it in until the BIG day!

It contains: 1" x 15' Ratchet Tie Down, 4 Piece Funnel Set, One pair of size large Brown Jersey Work Gloves, One 21" hooked bunge cord, One L.E.D. Squeeze Flashlight
We ship very quickly!

Here is a link to our other eBay auctions! You have until Saturday and Sunday for these auctions.
New Auctions will also be posted Saturday and Sunday, November 25 and 26, 2006. Be sure to checkout our great gift items!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Great Gift idea - Funny T-Shirts at Farvel Cargo

These T-Shirts make a great gift for someone with a good sense of humor! Click here for a wide variety of funny T-shirts! Also, one of our T-shirts are featured on t-shirtcountdown in a "most popular on the internet" contest. Currently we are number 27 in the Funny T-Shirt catagory. We would appreciate your VOTE.

Don't forget Stocking Stuffers we have at eBay! Auctions starting at a low $8.00! See the post below this one.

I will not be on the internet tomorrow because I am in charge of the mashed potatoes and the vegetable tray for Thanksgiving Dinner at my sister in laws!

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Farvel Cargo Tools and More has STOCKING STUFFERS!

$8.00 + shipping wins you a box of stuff to stuff a stocking! This auction at eBay starts off at $8.00 and it ends on Saturday, November 25th.

  • It contains:
    8 Piece Ring Hex Key Set: sizes 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32, 3/16, 7/32, 1/4
    1" x 15' Ratchet Tie Down
    One pair of size large Brown Jersey Work Gloves
    2 piece Screw-Holding Screw Driver Set
    One 4 Way Chuck Key
    One Crescent Torx Screw Driver
    12 piece Acid Brushes Set (shop brushes)

It's a great deal and it cuts down your shopping time!

We have 3 other different boxes of stocking stuffers up for auction also, just click the links below:

BOX 1 - 8 Piece Ring Hex Key Set, 8 Piece Tamper Star Bit Set, 1" x 15' Ratchet Tie Down, 4 Piece Funnel Set, One pair of size large Brown Jersey Work Gloves, Two 11" hooked bunge straps, One 15" hooked bunge cord

BOX 2 - 8 Piece Ring Hex Key Set, One pair of size large Brown Jersey Work Gloves, One Crescent Torx Screw Driver, One Crimping Tool with 25 pc Terminal, 3 piece Mini Wire Brush Set, 12 piece Needle File Set

BOX 4 - 1" x 15' Ratchet Tie Down, 4 Piece Funnel Set, One pair of size large Brown Jersey Work Gloves, One 21" hooked bunge cord, One L.E.D. Squeeze Flashlight

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Wouldn't it be great to just buy a box of Stocking Stuffers and be done with it?

You Can!

Click the link and bid on the Auction at eBay! There are 4 auctions going on right now, this week of November 12th.
The Stocking Stuffers come all in one box, that you can store them in until the big day!

Next Week: More Socking Stuffers!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Great Gifts at Farvel Cargo Tools and More!

Whooooaaa! What do these do!?

You used Tapered Buffs to polish metals! They are considered a "specialty buff" because of their shape and size. So if you have a hard to reach spot, Tapered Buffs will work better than a regular buff. We have them over at eBay starting off at $8.50 for a pair, medium size and large size.
Also don't forget Stocking Stuffers for anyone that needs a few tools! We have a box filled with tools, enough to fill a stocking!
Four Stocking Stuffer Auctions at eBay starting at $8.00!
Click and take a look!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Funny T-Shirt from Farvel Cargo!

Great gift idea for the Holidays!
Under Surveillance (just act normal)
Do you have someone hard to buy for?
Is there someone you want to mess with?
How about a gift exchange at work?
Here are a bunch of ideas!

Also at our eBay auctions we have Stocking Stuffers for guys! Win one auction and you have enough for his whole stocking! All at a low price of a starting bid of $8.00!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Farvel Cargo Tools and More has Stocking Stuffers!

Well you just can't pass this offer up! Stocking Stuffers! For guys! You win this auction at eBay and you have all those little things for the stocking taken care of! Don't worry - it will be shipped fast!
Inside the box will be hex keys, a funnel set, work gloves, bunge cords, a ratchet tie down, a drill bit set.
You can't go wrong. And we have several, at least 4 boxes will be up for auction at eBay this week.
Here is a link to the rest of our auctions this week of November 12, 2006.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Farvel Cargo Tools and More Ebay Auctions ending soon!

This Auction ends Sunday, November 12, 2006!
3" and 4" single stitched
This wheel is very flexible and is perfect for the final step in the polishing process.
The eBay auction starts off at $6.75 for both wheels!
Mushroom Buffs and Cone Buffs along with previously mentioned Polishing Compound

Thursday, November 09, 2006

VOTE for our T-Shirt! Thank you!

Under Surveillance (just act normal)! How would you like to have that on the back of a friends shirt?
You can! Just by clicking on the above link or this one!

At the first link, would you take the time to vote for our t-shirt? We are currently number 26 in the FUNNY T-SHIRT catogory on the website

We have other funny messages that look like they are pinned to the back of a t-shirt. Here's an example: Wanted by the Feds or Whose Kid IS this?
Questions? We check this blog a lot, leave a question in the comment box!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Farvel Cargo Tools and More eBay Auctions!

This link will take you directly to our eBay auction for:

This 5 piece Kit includes:

*Three Buffing Wheels: 2" 3" 4" with Mounting Hardware
*Two Polishing Compound: 1 ounce each of Red and White
*Basic Polishing Instructions on back of Kit

Red Polishing Compound can be used for metals such as: brass, copper, gold, sterling or silver plate, nickel or chrome plate, brass or copper plate and thermosetting plastic (Baklite, Formica)
White Polishing Compound can be used for metals such as: aluminum, brass, copper, gold, platinum, sterling or silver plate, brass or copper plate, stainless steel, thermosetting plastic (Baklite, Formica)

Check out our excellent feedback!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Week of Oct. 5 eBay at Farvel Cargo

This week we have Polishing Compound up for Auction at eBay.
The link will take you to the 1 pound white Polishing Compound, we also have brown and green this week! Here are the rest of our Auctions.

You will also find Buffing Wheels, Wire Wheels, L.E.D. Flashlight, Heat Shrink Tubing and a Buffing and Polishing Kit.

All of our eBay Auctions this week include a FREE gift for the winning bidder! So click the links and take a look. And we welcome comments!

NEXT WEEK: Red and Blue Polishing Compound in 1 pound bars.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Funny T-Shirts at T-Shirt Count Down!

We have T-Shirts in a contest at T-Shirt countdown! If you click on the link it will take you to the contest and it would be great if you voted for us! We are currently number 21 in the "Funny T-Shirt" catagory. It is labeled "Under Surveillance" (just act normal). It looks like there is a message pinned to the back of a t-shirt!
This link: Secret Memo's will take you to other t-shirts with different messages on them. Or you can just click on the shirt and it will take you there!
My favorite: "Would someone PLEASE stop this woman from spending anymore money? thanks, her husband"

Tools and More! We have Mounted Buffing Wheels!

These Spiral Sewn Mounted Buffing Wheels are up for Auction at eBay! We have a two of them in the Auction, a 3" and a 4"
They are brand new and the auction starts off at only $6.75! They are used for general polishing.
The bidding ends on Sunday, November 5, 2006. I can't believe it's November already!
And like we have been doing for all our Auctions these past few weeks - if you are the winning bidder you will receive a FREE pair of Brown Jersey Work Gloves, size large.
Here is a link to the rest of our Auctions for the rest of the week. Feel free to take a look!