Thursday, June 28, 2007

More Hobby Tools have been listed at Farvel Cargo

I know, "what the heck?"
We sell these like crazy! Crafters use them, one woman told me she uses Dental Picks to get glue in hard to reach places. My son repairs Air Tools and uses them to clean out little spots. One guy told me he uses the Dental Picks to remove O-rings.

This is a set of 5 Dental Picks with assorted tips and they are stainless steel.

$4.75 + shipping

Check out our eCrater Store for more Hobby Tools!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just Listed - Polishing Buffs

Our eCrater Store has newly listed Polishing Buffs.

Tapered, Mushroom and Cylinder Polishing Buffs for those hard to get at places! They all come in different sizes and we will combine shipping for you should you decide to order more than one!

We will get more items listed this week! Be sure to stop by our eCrater Store!


Northeast Ohio is having hot, humid weather this week! Hopefully we get some much needed rain and hopefully it doesn't get here until I get back from the pool today! hehe

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Bargain Basement SALE coming soon!

Well, we had a Garage Sale this past weekend and didn't move a lot of our small items inventory. So keep an eye on our eCrater Store for some new items to pop up! Some Hobby Tool Kits, bags of Drill Bits, stuff like that.
We plan to combine some of our small items. This is your chance to let us know what you are looking for! Leave us a comment! And visit our eCrater Store often this week to see the latest listings!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Okay! We need some VOTES!

We have this T-Shirt in a contest at
The first link should take you to the second page in the
"Funny" T-Shirt Catagory,
then if you scroll down to around 27 you will find the t-shirt pictured above. Then over to the right of the t-shirt is a blue button that says,
all you do is click it and VOTE!
We would really like to get this t-shirt up a few VOTES and onto the first page! Will you help? Thanks!
We have a link of our CafePress Shop also, if you would like to take a look at some of our other "Funny" T-Shirts!
All of our T-Shirts have the "look" of a note "pinned" to the back of someone's T-Shirt.
Here are some examples of the sayings:
Kick ME!
Watch out for the Jerk behind me!
Wanted by the Feds!
Would someone Please stop this woman from spending anymore money! Thanks, her husband

But wait, there's more!

Low IQ. Keep it simple!

No sense of direction. DO NOT FOLLOW!

Make sure to check them all out here!

Everyone have a great week and remember to VOTE!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tools and More for Crafters!

I can't believe what people use small hobby tools for!

Some of the smaller items we sell at our eCrater Store are a variety of tweezers, dental picks and hemostats. People from all walks of life are buying these left and right! We have women that make jewelry buy them to men that work on cars. Our son that repairs air tools uses dental picks to clean all the small parts in Die Grinders, Impact Wrenches, etc. Also, we have older gentlemen buying tweezers to make fishing lures. Crafters are constant customers!
Leave us some comments on what you might use these items for! And we will add it to future Blogs!

Happy Father's Day
to all the Dad's out there in BLOG Land!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

How Did Farvel Cargo Get its Name?

Eight people were sitting around our dining room table one Sunday afternoon eating homemade soup.
"The" discussion began.
Not about starting a company, no, about the soup. My grandmother taught my mom how to make it and then mom taught me. Though the ingredients have been re-arranged and changed, one ingredient remains constant - egg farvel. It's a little round kind of noodle, kind of like barley but not. My husband (one of the eight) makes fun of it all the time because it sounds funny and well, he's a goof. He raised 3 boys (more of the eight) that are goofs. Add my husbands friend, goof, and a girlfriend of boy #1 you have a dining room table full of egg farvel jokes.
The conversation eventually drifted to why we were there in the first place to discuss a tool business venture.
Jobs were handed out. I was put in charge of a name and logo. The name Farvel Cargo was a joke! I was messing with them as payback for making fun of my soup. They liked it. There are a strange group of people. We started off at a Flea Market - hence my huge Tool inventory. We decided we wanted our weekends off, husband and his friend got promoted at work, boy #1 is on second shift and boy #2 and boy #3 have school.
So guess who's the boss now?
Selling Tools no less?
I have a great reputation on other online auction sites for excellent customer service and fast shipment. I have a vast array of knowedgable "guys" around for your TOOL questions. You can confidently make a purchase at Farvel Cargo!
We have an online store at eCrater!
here is our eCrater
STORE link!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Farvel Cargo Tools and More Orbital Air Sander

Are you interested in purchasing a Ingersoll-Rand Power Tool? You have come to the right place! If you are looking for a Power Tool that we do not have at our eCrater Store don't worry we can get it!
Leave us a comment or contact us through eCrater.
Take a look at our latest listing!
Ingersoll-Rand Random Orbital Air Sander
The ultimate in low vibration, high-performance finishing.
Priced low at $118.00
Super Duty Vacuum-Ready
Ergonomic comfort grip
Lubrication-free motor package
Multipurpose orbit
Directional exhaust muffler
Vacuum-ready evacuation
Adjustable speed control up to 12,000 RPM
Lightweight composite housing

Pad size - 6 IN.Type - 6 hole vacuum-ready
Orbit diameter - 3/16 in.
Rated max. free speed - 12,000 rpmRated power - 0.20 hp
Weight - 1.92 lbs.
Avg. air consumption - 8 cfm/220 l/min. @ Load - 15.5 cfm/430 l/min.
Air inlet - 1/4 in.
Minimum hose size - 5/16 in.
Limited One Year Warranty
Your satisfaction is important to us, please email us with any questions before you

Item will be shipped via Priority Mail at a flat rate of $10.00 for USA $12.00 for Canada.
Shipping fee includes insurance.

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Farvel Cargo has a FREE offer!

That's right!
While our supply lasts we will give a FREE pair of Brown Jersey Work Gloves, size large, with every purchase at our eCrater Store! Whether it's a $2.00 item or $155.00 item!
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Polishing Buffs
Measuring Devices
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Heat Shrink Tubing
Stamping Sets
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I hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Farvel Cargo's new Listing at eCrater!

Chicago Pneumatic

· Quiet Operation
· Compact, yet packed with power and speed
· Features Chicago Pneumatic’s Patented Tri-Spring anti-slip head design which virtually eliminates slippage
· Easy Touch Variable Speed Trigger for speed control on all types of work

Square Drive – 3/8 in.Ultimate Torque @ 90 PSI – 60 ft. –lbs.Working Torque Range @ 90 PSI – 5-50 ft –lbs.Speed – 240 RPMTool Length – 10.75 in.Tool Weight – 2.75 lbs.Air Consumption – 4 ( 113 l/min) Average 16 (453 l/min) ActualAir Inlet NPTF – ¼ in.Minimum Hose Size – 3/8 in.

Your satisfaction is important to us, please email us with any questions before you buy:
Item will be shipped via Priority Mail at a flat rate of $10.00 for USA $12.00 for Canada.
Shipping fee includes insurance.

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